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Welcome to the International Society of Craniofacial Surgery!

Our society represents excellence, safety, and innovation in surgeries that reconstruct birth defects or traumatic injuries of the skull and facial bones. Our active members belong to interdisciplinary craniofacial teams and undergo a selective admission process to ensure they have the training, experience, and team structure needed to perform these complex surgeries. We are a group of specialists who come together every two years from over 30 countries to advance the field of craniofacial surgery for our pediatric and adult patients.

Our next society in-person gathering is in Seattle from September 5-8, 2023. The motto of the Congress is “Shooting for the Stars – Defining the future of Craniofacial Surgery”. The pre-congress on Tuesday, September 5, will focus on advances in artificial intelligence, artificial reality, and virtual reality and will include influential speakers from industry, venture capital firms, and start-ups.

Please enjoy our new website to learn more about our upcoming 2023 Congress, our affiliates, our growing educational video content, and how to become an ISCFS member.


Richard A Hopper MD FACS FRCSC
2022-2023 ISCFS Past President

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Our Mission | Our Goals

To furnish leadership and foster advances in craniofacial surgery.

Knowledge Management

To provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge pertaining to the practice.


To enhance the study and practice of craniofacial surgery.

Research & Teaching

To stimulate research, investigation, and teaching methods for preventing and correcting congenital and acquired craniofacial deformities.

Networking & Membership

To afford recognition to those who have contributed to craniofacial surgery by extending to them membership in the ISCFS.

Next Event

21st ISCFS Congress 2025

21-24 October 2025
Shanghai, China

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